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Inside Calibration Vessel Tube Strike Off Bar
Strike Off Bar
Price 29.00
Air content plays an important role in concrete, James offers the user a full range of air meters such as Type A pressure meter, Type B pressure meter and the Volumetric air meter.
16 oz. Rubber Mallet Calibration Cup Strike Off Bar
Calibration Cup
Price 29.00
Strike Off Bar
Price 29.00
Rubber Mallet 24" Tamping Rod Tamper
Rubber Mallet
Price 29.00
Price 39.00
Calibration Vessel 3oz. Syringe Syringe
3oz. Syringe
Price 44.00
Price 44.00
Gauge Plastic Carry Case Plastic Carry Case
Price 98.00
Volumetric Meter Only Type 'B' Meter Only
Type B Meter Only
Price 742.00