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Ultrasonic Calibration Bar Pre-Amp For Tdxr W/Bnc Standard Cable With Bnc Connector
Calibration Bar
Price $1,471.00
Pre-Amp For Tdxr W/Bnc
Price $1,127.00
Ultrasonic Calibration Bar to verify operation of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test Systems. Pre- Amp with BNC Connectors used with V-Meter Transducers for testing with long (over six meter) cable lengths
Standart Cable With Bnc Connector for up to 200 feet
Veelinx Software showing waveform, control panel and data
The Veelinx™ Software has been designed to help the engineer manage and interpret the huge amount of data available when utilizing the V-Meter MK IV™. The Veelinx™ software enables the user to upload data from the V-Meter device to a PC.  The Veelinx™ software also can be used to control the V-Meter remotely.