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Cor-Map II<br>Used for Corrosion Potential Data Acquisition And Analysis. Complete System Cu/Cuso4 Container of Copper Sulfate (8 Oz, 250 Ml) Extension Poles
Extension Poles
Price 140.00
Advanced system for corrosion potential data acquisition and analysis, allowing the user to quickly identify areas of probable corrosion in the field.  Unique Electrode is designed for use in horizontal, vertical and inverted positions.  Temperature and humidity sensors facilitate inclusion of envrionmental conditions in data analysis.  Conforms to ASTM C-876. Container of Copper Sulfate (8 Oz, 250 Ml) Gecor,Cor Map and Cor Map II
Cu/Cuso4 Half Cell Potential Probe for Cor Map II Instrument and P.C. Software Cable Reel  w/250ft. (80m) Cable
Replacement Carrying Case  Small Charger
Price 230.00