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Cementometer Cementometer Type L™ Cementometer Type L Manual PDF Type L Sensor
Cementometer Type L Manual PDF
Printed Version: $25.00
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Type L Sensor
Price $1,934.00
A Microwave Meter Used for The Determination of Water/Cement Content Ratio in Fresh Concrete. (Type L for Low Water Cement Ranges.)
This is the complete and most current version of the Instruction Manual for Cementometer Type L.
Meter for L Type Cementometer Probe Assy Cementolinx
Meter for L Type
Price $1,297.00
Cementometer Probe Assy
Price: $2,185.00
The Cementometer Type L™ is an essential tool for accurately measuring the water/cement ratio in fresh concrete, ensuring high-quality and consistent concrete mixes for your construction projects. The Cementolinx™ Software has been designed to help the engineer manage and interpret the huge amount of data available when utilizing the Cementometer Type L™.