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Rebarscope® Mini R-Meter

Rebar Locators

World's most advanced systems to locate rebar, pipe and other metal objects in concrete.  Utilizing the latest microprocessor technology these units can estimate depth of rebar, and estimate diameter of rebar,
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Rebarscope® Complete System with Scan Cart and Software Mini R-Meter™ Complete System Scan Cart Upgrade for Rebarscope™
Scan Cart™ Upgrade
Price $3,638.00
Built for the professional this is  the most Advanced System for finding the location, depth, and size of steel reinforcement bar, post tension cables, copper and conduit in concrete brick, masonry or other non-metallic construction materials.  Cover Map feature ( a diagram of depths of the rebar ), electronic data storage, and Rebarlinx® software for PC upload can also be included with the system! Ruggedized for tough field use, this economical hand held unit is used for finding the location, estimates either depth, or size of reinforced rebar, post tension cables, copper and conduit! Complete Upgrade for Rebarscope™, requires upgraded unit returned to be service
Rugged Rebarscope® Rebar Locator Datalogging Unit Sensor probe for use with the Rebarscope® rebar locator. Scan Cart for the Rebarscope® complete system for quick and accurate rebar location and cover of large areas
Yellow rugged Rebarscope™ datalogging unit for the determination of rebar cover, location and diameter. Sensor probe for use with the Rebarscope™ for the determination of rebar location, rebar sizing and rebar cover. Rolling Scan cart for use with the Rebarscope® complete system, allows you to easily and accurately determine rebar cover and location when surveying a large area such as a parking garage or bridge deck.
8 ft. Coiled Cable Yellow 6 ft.  R-Meter MK III & Rebarscope® Scan Cart Cable Headphones
Price $96.00
Sizing Template Charger Rebarlinx®
Sizing Template
Price $114.00
Price $251.00
Rebarscope® PC Software