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Porosiscope™<br>Used for Field Tests for Air and Water Permeability of Concrete. Pack of 25 Test Plugs for the Porosiscope Plus system Porosiscope Manual.Pdf
Porosiscope Manual PDF
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The field test for air and water permeability of concrete using the Figg technique.  Both air and water permeability are measured by the same instrument.  Permeability both at the concrete surface as well as within the concrete mass can be determined.   Porosity in sealants and surface mortars can be checked.  Each test can completed in only a few minutes. Pack of 25 Test Plugs for the Porosiscope Plus system. This is the complete and most current version of the Instruction Manual for Porosiscope.
Needle 16 Gauge Syringe 60 ml Water Syringe 30ml (CC)
Needle 16 Gauge
Price: $8.00
Syringe 60 ml
Price: $32.00
Poro Surface Chamber Assy 3" Cup Grinding Wheel Grinding Wheel Spindle
Syringe Filter 30MM Vacuum Pump Whose & Tip
Syringe Filter 30MM
Price: $33.00