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Accessory for V-Meter MK IV

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Ultrasonic Calibration Bar Pre-Amp For Tdxr W/Bnc Standard Cable With Bnc Connector
Calibration Bar
Price $1,833.00
Pre-Amp For Tdxr W/Bnc
Price $1,341.00
Ultrasonic Calibration Bar to verify operation of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test Systems. Pre- Amp with BNC Connectors used with V-Meter Transducers for testing with long (over six meter) cable lengths
Standart Cable With Bnc Connector for up to 200 feet
Veelinx™ Software showing waveform, control panel and data
The Veelinx™ Software has been designed to help the engineer manage and interpret the huge amount of data available when utilizing the V-Meter MK IV™. The Veelinx™ software enables the user to upload data from the V-Meter device to a PC.  The Veelinx™ software also can be used to control the V-Meter remotely.