Non-Destructive Testing Articles

James Instruments Core Values and Purpose

James Instruments Gives Back

James Instruments' Employees give back to their community by making pool bags for kids at Hephzibah Children's Association

James Air Meter for Fresh Concrete

A complete line of pressure air meters as well as air entrainment meters for determining the percentage of entrained air in freshly mixed concrete.

  • Light weight
  • Superior rugged design
  • Easy to read gauges insure air entrainment consistency
  • Conforms to ASTM C-173, C-231

Comparison of Non-Destructive Test Methods for Concrete Compressive Strength in Existing Structures

Estimates of in-place strength for the structural evaluation of concrete structures is a required element of a modern repair/rehabilitation project. Although in-place cores are the most direct method for determining concrete compressive strength, economy of both time and money, has lead to the development of other test methods in determining in-place concrete compressive strength . This has also allowed more tests to be taken for a significant increase in the confidence with the quality of the existing concrete.

James Instruments Inc. Rebar Locators

A complete line of Rebar Locators for determining location depth and size of steel reinforcing bar in concrete as well as other construction materials. The units may also be used for locating steel pipe, post tension cable, and conduit

  • Light weight
  • Superior rugged design
  • Easy to read digital meters ensure accuracy

James Instruments Inc. Low Frequency Ultrasonic Transducers and Their Applications

James Instruments Low Frequency Ultrasonic Transducers are designed for rugged use on construction sites and similar outdoor environments. Representing the highest in quality and technology this article discusses the applications of the different transducer types available.

James Instruments Inc. List of Standard and the Equipment Needed to Implement Them.

A list of International Standards and the appropriate equipment that can be used to implement them. This list encompasses both ASTM as well as EN Standards. It is by no means a complete reference, however it is a rather handy reference guide.