Non-Destructive Testing Service Request

Non-Destructive Testing Service Request

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James® Instruments offers Calibration and Repair services for all of our products.

* Calibration of the V-Meter Mk IV™ , Ultrasonic Testing System

James® Instruments provides dependable, economical and timely calibration and repair services for each of the following products, and some of our competitor’s products too:

  • Windsor® Probe Systems – Electronic & Manual
  • Windsor® Pin System
  • Concrete Rebound Test Hammers – Manual & Digital
  • Rebar Locators – Mini R-Meter™ & Rebarscope®
  • Ultrasonic Test Systems – V-Meter Mk IV™, VuCon® & Emodumeter®
  • Corrosion Test Systems – Gecor 8™, Cormap® II, Cormap® I, Ohmcorr™ & Porosiscope™
  • Moisture Test Systems – Aggrameter®, Trident®, Aquaprobe™, Aquameter™, Cementometer™ Type R & L
  • Pull Test Systems – Standard & Super Anchor Test Systems and the James® Bond Test Mk III

* Repair WD-2000, Concrete Test Hammer

Calibration services include :
Disassembly, cleaning and lubrication (where needed), plus a Calibration Certificate. All Calibrations are NIST traceable.

Instruments Calibration Charge
Manual Hammer W-M-250
Digital Hammer W-D-2000
Mini R-Meter R-HR-8000
Rebarscope R-C-400
Rebarscope Complete R-C-410
Bond Tester P-C-7300
V-Meter V-C-400
Vu-Con V-V-100
Windsor HP System Z-WP-1000
Windsor System Manual Z-WP-534
Windsor Pin System W-P-2000
Chlorimeter C-CL-3000
Cormap C-CM-4000
Cormap II C-CM-5000
Ohmcorr System C-RM-8000
Aggrameter T-T-100
Aquaprobe T-S-30
Cementometer Type R T-C-10
Cementometer Type L T-C-20
Aquameter T-M-170
Emodumeter V-E-400

Repair services include :
An evaluation of the unit or system. A detailed list of all parts to be replaced and the service required to restore the system. All repairs are quoted prior to the completion of a repair.

Most Calibration and Repair services are completed within 10-15 business days. An Expedited service of 3-5 business days is available for an additional charge (10% of new). All repairs are warrantied for a period of 90 days after the repair service.
Please Review our Repair Policy

For more information about our Calibration and Repair Services of your Concrete Test Equipment, please contact
James® Instruments at , or... call
our office at: 1(800) 426-6500 or 1(773) 463-6565.
(Mon – Fri, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Central Time)

To request a repair service, please complete the Service Request Page below. Then print a copy for your records, and a copy to be included it with the system to be serviced.
Service Request Page

To register a NEW product, please complete the requested information below.
Warranty Registration Page

* Calibration of Concrete Test Hammer