Non Destructive Testing for Concrete US Equipment Rental

Rental Terms for James Instruments Equipment

James Instruments, renowned for its Non Destructive Test equipment, now introduces an innovative rental service. We give you immediate access to a wide range of instruments that should satisfy almost any diverse testing requirement. And, because we pioneered so many of the NDT systems in the concrete and aggregate field, we can fill your needs from stock.

Whether you need to pinpoint the location and depth of rebars or test for hidden weakness of concrete structures, James has the tool for the job -- and you can rent it. An efficient, economical way to have all the non-destructive test equipment you need...when you need it. Just call James. There's none better.

Rental also allows you to try our equipment before you buy it. This will let you rapidly determine if the equipment will meet your needs. To further assist you we can apply 75% of the rental cost to the purchase of a new piece of equiment.

Minimum rental period is one week; payable in advance (preferably by credit card). A deposit equal to eight weeks rental may be required for new accounts. Deposit that is not applied to rental will be reimbursed immediately upon return of equipment. Download our rental contract in PDF here.

You will need to complete all the highlighted sections of the rental agreement, and return it to our James Instruments Inc., Chicago office. You can email to [email protected].

Pricing does not include include shipping. Typically the equipment is overnighted both to and from the customer at the customers expense. We allow an extra grace day in order to return the equipment. Typicaly overnight shipping currently costs between $200 to $250.00 depending on the equiment

The rental period is the day it leaves our facility until the day it is returned to our facility.

We will need the completed rental agreement in order to reserve equipment for a specific date.

Availability can be limited, to check availability please email at [email protected]. Allow one to two business days for a response.

As always our staff is here to assist you via telephone, fax or email, if you have any further questions.

Instruments Late Charge
1 Week
Mini R-Meter R-HR-8000

Rebarscope R-C-400
Rebarscope Complete R-C-410

Bond Tester P-C-7400
P-081-10700-002 2" Steel Disc
P-081-10700-012 2" Aluminum Disc
P-081-10700-005 3" Steel Disc
P-C-7255 Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy
V-Meter V-C-400
Vu-Con V-V-100

Windsor HP System Z-WP-1000
Windsor Pin System W-P-2000
Chlorimeter C-CL-3000
Cormap C-CM-4000
C-CM-4210 Copper Sulfate $107.00 for a 8 oz jar
Ohmcorr System C-RM-8000



Cementometer Type R
Cementometer Type L

Cormap II C-CM-5000-CU
C-CM-4210 Copper Sulfate