James Instruments Accessory

James Air Meter for Fresh Concrete

A complete line of pressure air meters as well as air

entrainment meters for determining the percentage
of entrained air in freshly mixed concrete.
  • Light weight
  • Superior rugged design
  • Easy to read gauges insure air entrainment consistency
  • Conforms to ASTM C-173, C-231

Three popular models to choose from:

1) Type B pressure meter,
2) Volumetric air meter,
3) Type A pressure meter.

1) A-AB-1200 ASTM Type B pressure air meter (most popular design)

The James Instruments ASTM Type B Pressure Air Meter is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. It is the most precise air measuring device available for concrete. Utilizing a heat treated aluminum body and cast in handles on the base the A-AB-1200 is a light weight, durable, and easy to use piece of equipment.

The James Instruments Pressure Air Meter features a large number of mechanical improvements over previous designs. The unit uses the latest technology available in clamping systems. It uses large stainless steel clamp levers, each with a holding capacity of 2500 lbs. These clamps provide the user with dependable operation every time. It also features innovative sealing technology for accurate readings and long life. Ruggedness has also been improved by using full welds on critically hardened seams rather than spot welds. The A-AB-1200 also comes with a durable, advanced, high volume pump as well as a large easy to read gauge, and bourdon tube. These features makes the James ASTM Type B Pressure air meter the most durable, accurate, rapid and easy to use meter on the market. The pressure gauge is color coded for entrained and entrapped air. The system meets ASTM C- 231 & AASHTO T152.

The A-AB-1200 James Instruments ASTM Type Type B Pressure Meter comes with Air Meter, carry case, calibration vessel, inside calibration vessel, outside calibration vessel tube, 3 oz syringe, Strike off bar, 24 inch tamping rod and 16 oz rubber mallet.

2) A-AV-1300 James Instruments ASTM Volumetric Air Meter

Easily measures entrained air in any type of concrete. It has a state of the art design where there are no threads to strip, an easy to use expansion plug top and an all stainless steel V clamp that securely holds the top and bottom together. The unit also has a leak proof O ring design, as well as improved clamp system so that it can easily and smoothly roll on the clamp.

This light weight unit weighs 1/3 of its brass counterpart and about 1/2 the weight of an aluminum unit. Easy to clean, the unit is made of reinforced fiberglass and PVC. The system conforms to ASTM C-173.

The A-AV-1300 James Instruments ASTM Volumetric Air Meter comes with Meter, Funnel, Syringe, Tamper, Calibrated Cup, Mallet, Strike off Bar and Plastic Carry Case.

3) A-AA-1100 ASTM Type A Pressure Air Meter Model

The James Instruments ASTM Type A Air Meter is used to determine the amount of entrained air in freshly mixed concrete.

The A-AA-1100 Type A Pressure Air Meter needs little or no maintenance and is the meter of choice in certain regions. The measurements are displayed on the graduated cylinder attached to the meter after the sample base has been pressurized.

This light weight aluminum design conforms to ASTM C- 231 and the complete systems comes with Meter, Calibration Vessel, Rod, Scoop, Strike off Bar, Mallet, Instructions and Steel Carry case.