Pan American NDT Seminar 2006

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Pan American NDT Seminar 2006

Company president Michael Hoag greets and welcomes attendees.

Nestor Chonillo addressing attendees on ndt equipment.

Gonzalo Cetrangolo demonstrating Impact echo system ( Vu-Con).

Miami, Florida
Oct 13-15 2006

Lecturers: Mr..Nestor Chonillo, Mr..Gonzalo Cetrangolo, Mr..Edgardo Alvarez

Sunny Miami was the location of the 2 1/2 day James Instruments Pan Am NDT seminar, directly focused to educate NDT distributors. Mr..Chonillo and Mr..Cetrangolo trained distributors not only on the theoretical in and outs but also hands on field applications of the wide range of James Instruments ndt equipment. A half day presentation about the James Instruments Gecor 8 conducted by the Dr.Isabel Martinez was the highlight of the event. Products of major interest were the R-Meter MK III, Gecor 8, rebound hammers and ultrasonic test equipment.