Gonzalo Centralgo, Michael Hoag and John Popovics

John Popovics Gonzalo Cetrangolo displaying Wave forms

Jinying Zhu

Downtown Buffalo
Buffalo, New York
Sept. 14th & 15th

Exhibitor: Cary Kaferly Vice President.

Cary Kaferly met with members of the New York D.O.T. and teachers from the University of Missouri/Rolla to discuss their issues with concrete non-destructive testing and conduct training seminars. James Instruments Inc. and the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign have partnered to research non-contact ultrasonic transducers for both ultrasonic pulse velocity and impact echo tests on concrete. Researchers John Popovics Assistant Professor, with the team of graduate research assistants Jinying Zhu and Gonzalo Cetrangolo are using stress waves to determine flaws in concrete without direct contact on the concrete surface. We are hoping this exciting new technology will work well
with our existing technology found in the

V-Meter MK IV and Vu-Con Systems.