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James Instruments Inc. Introduces the New Chlorimeter™ Field Test for Chlorides in Concrete and Other Construction Materials.

A novel field kit for the determination of chloride ion content in concrete, fresh cement, masonry, most other construction materials, and water.

Chlorimeter with Sensor

Chicago, IL, USA October 15, 2010 - James Instruments Inc. manufacturers of the world's most advances Non Destructive Test Equipment for construction materials anounces today the launch of the Chlorimeter™ field test for the determination of chloride ion content in concrete, fresh cement, masonry, most other construction materials, and water. This unit is an evolution of our previous high quality instrumentation in this field.

"Designed for the civil engineering professional this equipment rapidly and economically analyzes construction materials in order to build a chloride 'profile' for the analysis of corrosion in concrete and other structures.", says Michael Hoag, President of James Instruments Inc.

This novel equipment features:

  • Fast - Results within minutes at the site

  • Economical - Low cost per sample compared to laboratory testing.

  • Accurate - Results are comparable to laboratory testing.

  • Covers wide range from 0.002% to 2% chloride by weight

  • Internal Memory to store readings for later upload to a PC via USB.

  • Digital display for direct reading of percentage of chloride by weight.

  • Conforms to AASHTO-T- 260.

  • Menu in English and Spanish.

The determination of the chloride ion concentration in concrete is essential in assessing the need for maintenance on, for example, bridge decks and parking structures. Particularly large concrete, cement or masonry structures exposed to salt The test can also be used to ensure that materials used in new construction are free from potentially harmful chloride ion levels.

An accurately weighed 3 gr. (0.1 oz) sample is dissolved in 20 ml (0.67 fl. oz.) of extraction liquid which consists of a precise, measured concentration of acid. The chloride ions react with the acid of the extraction liquid in an electrochemical reaction. An electrode, with integral temperature sensor, is inserted into the liquid and the electrochemical reaction measured. A uniquely designed instrument converts the voltage generated by the chloride concentration and sensor into a reading for the user. The instrument automatically applies the temperature correction and it shows the chloride concentration on a LCD display percentage by weight.

Once the sample is obtained, test results can be determined and read in less than five minutes. These initial values give a valuable indicator of the current chloride concentration values. Accurate results are typically obtained after the sample has been in the extraction liquid for 24 hours.

For More information regarding this or other non destructive testing equipment for construction materials you can visit www.ndtjames.com.