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James Instruments Inc. Introduces Their New Website for Non Destructive Test Equipment for Construction Materials, Concrete and Other Coarse Grained Materials.

The new website will provide more relevant specifications and reports to our current customer as well as simplify purchasing decisions for new customers.

James Instruments Website Home Page

Chicago, IL, USA October 18th, 2010 - James Instruments Inc. manufacturers of the world's most advanced Non Destructive Test Equipment for construction materials anounces today the launch of the new website. The url has become synonymous with construction material non destructive testing equipment. This new site will contain the complete technical specifications as well advice for use of the equipment. Technical articles, data sheets, details of events James Instruments attends and equipment comparisons can also be found on the site.

"We are excited about utilizing the full features of the web to present the detailed information we have on our equipment and the techniques used to test materials. Now if a customer has a question on a construction site, he can simply use his cell phone to retrieve the information he is looking for!"ť, says Michael Hoag, President of James Instruements Inc.

This new website features:

  1. Indexing of equipment by function, property or industry

  1. The most recent and updated technical specifications and software updates for the equipment.

  1. Articles comparing features and specifications of equipment .

  1. Details of Industry events James Instruments has participated in.

The web has become the most efficient method of distributing information around the globe. This new development will help support James Instruments customers around the world. As construction material testing is a rather specialized field, information regarding the correct methods to use when testing, and what parameters to test for are scarce. By utilizing the power of the web, the will be able to bring information not only to the practitioner in New York City, U.S.A., but also Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. James Instruments recognizes the need for our equipment crosses all international boundaries, therefore it is essential that we provide the construction professional, materials scientist, and engineering professionals around the globe with the best and latest information.

For More information regarding this or other non destructive testing equipment for construction materials you can visit You may also email [email protected].