James instruments Inc. Press Release New European Office

James Instruments announces the opening of their new European office.

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James Instruments Inc. has Opened its New European Office in Almelo, The Netherlands

The European office will support our already extensive European customer base with both commercial and technical support.

James Instruments European Office

James Instruments European Office

Chicago, IL, USA October 20th, 2010 - James Instruments Inc. manufacturer of the world's most advanced Non Destructive Test Equipment for construction materials officially announces the opening of their new European office to support distributors of their equipment on the European market.  Non-Destructive Field Testing of construction materials has become an essential part of modern society.  The structures currently being built are more complex and designed for a longer service life than ever before.  They also serve more people than ever before.  The ability to evaluate the construction materials used to build these structures in field as built is essential for proper safety of the occupants and users.  It is also essential to improve the economic viability of a large construction project.  This office is an evolution of James Instruments previous commitment to the European market.  The office will offer for the E. U. market, inventory for distributors, easier payment options, technical support and more!

 “We recognize the demand for modern technology is huge in Europe.  Not only are the Europeans leaders in technical innovation, but they are also leaders in technical practice.  By opening this new office we hope not only to support and expand our current customer base in Europe, but also to work with the European construction engineers, practitioners and craftsmen on innovative ideas to expand the state of the art.”, says Michael Hoag, President of James Instruments Inc.


This office features:


  • Improved Payment options for distributors

  • Inventory of Popular Goods to Better Serve the End Customer.

  • Personnel Support and Service to Assist Customers.

"We consider it an honour to be part of James Instruments growing international ambitions. James Instruments is already well respected in the industry and holds an impressive track record on the development of instruments for non destructive testing on concrete. We're excited to make the European market even better acquainted with James Instruments extensive knowledge and experience, and all the abilities our product range has to offer.", says Mark Wigger, European Sales Manager.  Also on board is Kevin Ruepert to assist with inside sales and technical support.

James Instruments Inc. has always been committed to the world wide testing community and the European market in particular.  By opening this office, the company is further demonstrating the importance of Europe to the building standards of the world.

For More information regarding this or other non destructive testing equipment for construction materials you can visit www.ndtjames.com or email [email protected] or [email protected].