Non-Destructive Testing Rebar Locators

James Instruments Inc. Rebar Locators

A complete line of Rebar Locators for determining location depth and size of steel reinforcing bar in concrete as well as other construction materials. The units may also be used for locating steel pipe, post tension cable, and conduit
  • Light weight
  • Superior rugged design
  • Easy to read digital meters ensure accuracy.

Three popular models to choose from:

1) Rebarscope
2) Mini R-Meter

1) Rebarscope


The James Rebarscope® is the digital version of a classic rebar locator, rebar finder which enables the user to not only locate reinforcement bars but also determine rebar depth and the rebar size. The Rebarscope® rebar locator is also capable of locating non ferrous metals as well such as copper, aluminium, some stainless steels, wire, and more! These are some benefits when you use Rebarscope, Eddy current sensor design for greater accuracy with built in temperature compensation, no need to zero the sensor. Single sensor for all depth ranges and it Separate sensor and main instrumentation unit to scan difficult to access area's.

The James Instruments Rebarscope™ rebar locator comes complete with instruction manual.

2) Mini R-Meter

Mini R-Meter Rebar Locator Pachometer

The James Instruments Mini R-Meter ™ brings the quality of the James Instruments R-Meter rebar locator with affordability for the smaller contractor. The unit features an easy to read LCD screen for instantaneous readings of either the rebar cover, if the size is known, or size, if the cover is known. A seperate sensor and instrumentation unit allow use in hard to access area's. The rebar locator has been built with the rugged case the professional contractor demands.

The unit has been designed for locating rebar while contracting and is popular with concrete drillers and cutters as well as other concrete professionals.

James Instruments Mini R-Meter ™ rebar locator comes complete with instruction manual, carry case, and AC adaptor for usee without re-chargeable batteries .