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James Instruments Scholarship Awarded at the 2011 ACI Spring Convention.

James Instruments Inc. awarded the 2011 James Instruments Award at the American Concrete Institutes annual spring conference.

James Instruments Award Winner

Presentation of James Instruments Inc. award to Ph.D. Seong- Hoon Kee. Pictured (from left to right) Nestor Chonillo, Vice President James Instruments, Ph.D. Seong- Hoon Kee, University of Texas and Professor Ph.D. Jinying Zhu, University of Texas.

Chicago, IL, USA May 2nd, 2011, James Instruments Inc. manufacturer of the world's most advanced Non Destructive Test Equipment for construction materials exhibited at the ACI spring convention April 3rd to the 7th, 2011. James Instruments Inc has exhibited at the ACI conventions since 1999. The company has found the convention an exciting place to meet with customers, present the latest technology and learn about the latest developments in the industry.

The ACI convention represents a significant chance for our customers to try the equipment and to provide us with feedback on what they are looking for. On display were;

V-Meter™MK III: The most advanced System for Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Concrete, Wood, Ceramic and other Coarse grained and Construction Materials. This test method rapidly and easily allows you to locate cracks, voids, rot and other areas of inhomgenity in the material under test. Complete System includes transducers, instrumentation unit, cables and software for PC, Conforms to ASTM C - 597 and other standards

Trident™:A Microwave Meter Used for the Rapid Determination of Moisture Content in Sand and Other Fine or Coarse Aggregates. It is fast and easy to use as well as completely portable.

ReboundHammers provide the most economical, quick and easy concrete compressive strength test in the field. It will also provide an indices of hardness and compressive strength for other construction materials. Conforms to ASTM C-805 and other International Standards.

James Instruments Inc. had a staff of two to greet customers and meet with the industry. Nestor Chonillo, Vice President, and Nelson Flores Inside Sales were on hand to answer customers questions.

“The ACI convention gives us the opportunity to hear the demand of just not your everyday concrete professional but also the University professors and students “says Nestor Chonillo, Vice President of James Instruments Inc.

The ACI-James Instruments Inc. student award was also presented at the ACI spring convention for research on NDT of concrete. James Instruments Inc Vice President, Nestor Chonillo had the honor to present the 2011 award to Ph.D. Seong-Hoon Kee for his research titled “Low- Cost Piezoceramic sensors for health monitoring of concrete structure”. His research paper was chosen as the best of 13 entries by a panel of experienced NDT professional. Also pictured is Professor Ph.D Jinying Zhu which was the advisor for Seong-Hoon Kee during his research. “It is very exciting to see the great research that these students conducting. This was a record year for entries and I’m the sure that number will keep rising from this point forward” says Nestor Chonillo, Vice President of James Instruments Inc.

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a nonprofit technical and educational society organized in 1904 and is one of the world's leading authorities on concrete technology. ACI is a forum for the discussion of all matters related to concrete and the development of solutions to problems. ACI conducts this forum through conventions and meetings; the ACI Structural Journal, the ACI Materials Journal, Concrete International, and technical publications; chapter activities; and technical committee work. As its chartered objective states, its purpose is "to provide a comradeship in finding the best ways to do concrete work of all kinds and in spreading that knowledge."

James Instruments specalises in Non-Destructive testing equipment for concrete and other construction materials. Central to the improvement of the concrete infrastructure are tools that evaluate the condition of existing construction. Destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques are applied. Destructive tests can provide direct information, but are relatively expensive, time-consuming and cause damage to the structure. Destructive test results often cannot be evaluated using statistical approaches because the number of locations in the structure that can be tested without damage to the structure is limited. On the other hand, NDT techniques are relatively inexpensive to apply, and they can detect, localize, and characterize flaws and damage in concrete structures without leaving any undesirable discontinuities or causing damage to concrete members.

James Instruments Inc. is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive test equipment for construction materials, specifically concrete, ceramic, wood and other coarse grained materials. We supply the instruments that measure and analyze strength, structure, corrosion and moisture in concrete and other construction materials. And more. James Instruments -- rugged, quality equipment for field use -- backed by factory service and an ongoing program of research and development.

For More information regarding this or other non destructive testing equipment for construction materials you can visit www.ndtjames.com or email info@ndtjames.com or europe@ndtjames.com.