Attrezzatura per il Collaudo ad Ultrasuoni

Equipment for ultrasonic testing

V-Meter MK IV ™ - Speed system of ultrasonic pulses to find voids, cracks, and determine the properties of other materials.

V-Meter MK IV V-Meter MK IV

The most advanced system for the speed of ultrasonic pulses in Cement, Wood, Ceramics and other Rough Grain Construction materials. The present testing method allows the user to quickly and easily locate cracks, voids and other non-homogeneous areas in the material under examination. The Complete System includes transducers, instrumentation units, cables and PC software. The system complies with ASTM C - 597 (UNITED STATES), EN12504-4 (Europe), BS 1881 Part 203 (United Kingdom) and other international quality levels.

  • Locate bee nests and voids in concrete
  • Locates cracks in cement, ceramic, masonry or stone
  • Determines the extent of fire damage in concrete or masonry
  • Crack depth detection
  • Determination of Young's modulus (with optional Wave transducers)
  • Find hidden areas of decaying wood
Features & Benefits
  • The system has a direct digital reading of the transmission time, and reading of the shape of the waves on the screen during the day, LCS with back light.
  • Hard and splash-resistant housing for harsh construction environments. Portable and lightweight with rechargeable battery and AC electricity.
  • Includes a signal for triggering the use of an external oscilloscope or other data entry tool. Digital calibration means without the need for a special bar. Triggers the levels and the amplification signal can be digitally adjusted.
  • Conforms to ASTM C-597, BS 1881-203 and other international standards
  • USB interface for computer control. The Veelinx software allows complete control of the system and data upload to a PC and data analysis.
  • Calculated direct reading of the P and S wave velocity. The unit can also calculate the elasticity modulus of the material using optional S-Wave Transducers . Direct reading of the Poisson's coefficient
  • A wide range of Accessories and Ultrasonic Transducers available . Standard transducers available from 24KHz to 500KHz allow the unit to test ceramic, graphite, pores in the cement mass, and wood.
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Vu-Con® - Eco Impact System for on-site evaluation of concrete structures.

Vu-Con® System - Impact Eco System
Vu-Con® System - Impact Eco System Vu-Con® System - Impact Eco System

A Unique System for measuring thickness, determining quality , and locating areas in honeycomb, voids and cement delamination. The Complete System includes the Unit of Instrumentation, Transducers for Velocity and Depth, Set of Impactors, Charger and PC Software for Data Loading . It complies with ASTM C-1383 and other international quality levels.

  • Roads and walkways
  • Retention walls
  • Decks of bridges
Features & Benefits
  • It accurately determines the thickness of the cement without drilling or the use of similar destructive techniques.
  • Quickly locate delaminations and voids in concrete slabs & structures where access is limited to one side only.
  • Solid design for field use.
  • Quick results in seconds on the spot.
  • Wide screen for easy viewing for on-site data analysis and in daylight
  • The data can be stored and uploaded to the PC for subsequent analysis and inclusion in the reports.
  • Conforms to ASTM C-1383.

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Emodumeter® - for resonance frequency testing and definition of Young's modulus (E) and Poisson's coefficient.

E-Meter E-Meter

Used to define the resonance frequency of materials, the Young elastic modulus, and the Poisson's coefficient. It conforms to ASTM C-215, and to ASTM C-666 as well as to other International Qualitative Levels.

  • Freeze thaw analysis
  • Detection of the Young Determination module
  • Damping
  • Coefficient analysis
Features & Benefits
  • Conforms to ASTM C-215 and C-666
  • The only method for non-destructive calculation of the following material parameters
    • Young's modulus for elasticity
    • Rigidity module
    • Poisson's coefficient
    • Damping constant
  • Available in sample sizes up to 6 inches (150 mm) in section size, and from 1.75 inches (45 mm) to 28 inches (700 mm) in length.
  • Automatic identification of the frequency of the resonance of the resonance. Wide screen easy to use use for the analysis of domain time data and frequency spectrum signals.
  • Data can be stored and uploaded to a PC for subsequent analysis and inclusion in reports.

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