James® Instruments Inc. Introduces Rebarscope®

Rebarscope® Introduced by James® Instruments Inc. for Rebar Location and Bar Size Determination as well as Locating Other Metal Objects in Concrete, Masonry and
Other Construction Materials

Chicago Illinois, October 20th, 2011 - James® Instruments Inc. the worldwide leading manufacturer of non-destructive test equipment for concrete and other construction materials and coarse grained materials, has introduced the Rebarscope ® for locating steel reinforcemnt ( rebar ) as well as determine the bar size. It will locate other metal objects such as copper and aluminium pipe, as well. The equipment will locate in concrete and masonry as well as any other non - metallic construction material. Applications include structural engineers analyzing an existing steel reinforcing bar network, determining depth of cover of the steel reinforcing bar, as well as mapping utility lines or rebar inside the concrete or other material being tested. This is the fifth generation of rebar locator developed by James ® Instruments. This level of commitment to building has brought the features sought out by professionals most of all.

Rebarscope Complete
Rebarscope® in use Rebarscope® Complete System

The Rebarscope® features the following:
  • Eddy current sensor design for greater accuracy with built in temperature compensation, no need to zero the sensor.
  • Single sensor for all depth ranges.
  • Seperate sensor and main instrumentation unit to scan difficult to access area's.
  • Locates rebar, post tension cable, conduit,and copper pipe.
  • Rugged and splash resistant case. Daylight visible display.
  • Optional Scan Cart logs distance data as well as location of rebar.
  • Locates up to 8" (200 mm) deep. Determines bar size up to 4.5" (115 mm) deep.
  • Conforms to ACI 318, BS 1881 Part 204, DIN 1045, CP 110, EC 2, SIA< 162, DGZfP B2.

The Rebarscope® has three different options for the end user. The Rebarscope ® Basic which allows the user to locate metal objects as well as determine bar size. The Rebarscope ® with Rebarlinx ® software allowing the user to store and later upload data to a personal computer. Finally, the Rebarscope ® Complete System which includes the optional ScanCart and Rebarscope® software allowing the user to not only scan for object but to log and store the distance between the metal objects as well.

The Rebarscope® is an exciting development in our long history of rebar locators says Michael Hoag President of James ® Instruments Inc. ťBy using the latest in electronics technology we have been able to provide many solutions that our customers have been asking for.

James® Instruments specializes in Non-Destructive testing equipment for concrete and other construction materials. Central to the improvement of the concrete infrastructure are tools that evaluate the condition of existing construction. Destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques are applied. Destructive tests can provide direct information, but are relatively expensive, time-consuming and cause damage to the structure. Destructive test results often cannot be evaluated using statistical approaches because the number of locations in the structure that can be tested without damage to the structure is limited. On the other hand, NDT techniques are relatively inexpensive to apply, and they can detect, localize, and characterize flaws and damage in concrete, wood and other construction material structures without leaving any undesirable discontinuities or causing damage to concrete members.

James® Instruments Inc. is the leading manufacturer of non-destructive test equipment for construction materials, specifically concrete, ceramic, wood, masonry, mortar, gypsum and other coarse grained materials. We supply the instruments that: measure strength, both compressive and tensile, locate rebar and other objects in concrete and masonry, determine density and analyze materials ultrasonically, analyze corrosion and, finally, determine moisture in concrete and other construction materials. And more. James ® Instruments -- rugged, quality equipment for field use -- backed by factory service and an ongoing program of research and development.